It’s back!

I am so manic right now and I don’t know what to do!

can someone help me please!!!



i feel great! I wish I would stay this way but with mood swings it won’t happen! being bi polar is no joke let me tell you! but I am just going to ride this wave….😏

Saturday relax day!

i have not wrote in a few days but I felt like writing today….

I feel great I am not depressed any more and I feel pretty much normal I love the way that I am feeling I just hope it stays this way for a while but being bi polar nothing is consistent 😁so I can just enjoy it while it lasts. I needed to sleep for like a week to come out of my depression! 

well all is good I hope someone is reading this and understands have a great weekend!


i came off my mania and now I am at a very low point! I don’t like feeling down and depressed I like to be a tad bit manic I get shit done and when I am like this I just want to sleep all day long! can anyone relate? I go see my doctor next week so I am going to tell her! I hate being bi polar it really sucks!

the mania is gone!

i feel so much better now that I came off my high! my thoughts are clear and I feel stable now thank god! I like the mania just a little bit I am funny and quick to answer and I have lots to say but when I am at a real high it’s too much. I know the gym played a roll in it I have not been to the gym in two weeks but I am going to go back next week and we will see what happens. but I feel great and I hope you all are doing as well as me! take care😋

happy Father’s Day 

just want to say I hope all you fathers have a great day!

I feel like my mania came to an end thank god for that! I feel totally back to normal I have been sleeping good and my appetite is good and my head is clear.

I wish I was not bi polar but that’s the way God made me so I have to accept it and just be strong. when I get manic I just have to try and control it but it’s like unstoppable it makes me turn into a beast and I a such a bitch😁

well I am just going to relax my brain and try to stay sain for now a just wait till the next roller coaster starts cuz it will come again I already know that. I have not been going to the gym so that’s helping too! my brain can not take all those endorfans!

until next time have a nice day!

beautiful day

i just want to count my blessings and be positive today! I am so greatful that dispite my mental health problems I am in great health a lot over weight but working on it😏 I am happy at where I am at In life and the direction it’s going! I have great family and wonderful friends that stand by me no matter what mood I am in! could not ask for more! I know I am so bi polar and my thoughts are crazy at times but I am turely a good hearted person I have values and belifes that make me who I am! that’s it for the day guys I encourage you to count your blessings today and look on the bright side! things do get better eventually 😉